"Homage to David Hockney with Apologies" Monoprint with carborundum aquatint

This website can be reached via  Some of my followers on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy may already know that I have another website: and that my shops on are wildbraidart carrying handmade jewelry and accessories and wildbraidartvintage carrying new and used vintage jewelry. Please visit these sites to see my full range of artwork and items for sale.

This website will be devoted primarily to my current artwork of printmaking in various techniques. Y. Each work will identify the techniques used.  I primarily use Akua printmaking inks which are nontoxic and require no solvents than water to clean up

If a print is an etching or other technique requiring use of toxic materials it will be noted.  Some such prints utilize  a variety of lithography-type techniques that require oil based inks but  are done without a stone. 

"Festval" Monoprint with original template images and chine colle 18" x24"
Monoprints "Dancing Freely" Free hand drawing on plate. 8" x 14" image on .11" x 15" sheet
"White Shadows" monoprint using fresh plant material for embossment..12" x14" image on 11" x 13" sheet. Can be matted.
woodcut print with watercolor. cat and bird
Monoprint with chine colle in drypoint with watercolor and etching. This is the second run or ghost of 3rd image in first row.
drypoint print from my Biologique series
Double Monoprint Fantasy bug
Silk aquatint Octopus part of my coral reef series
Drypoint Biologique series
drypoint print from Biologique series
Woodcut print with chine Cole in drypoint , woodcut and linocut
Woodcut print with chine colle in drypoint and linocut with watercolor
Linocut inked a la poupee. Cycladic harpist caught in an abstract web
Dark background reduction Monoprint with a la poupee coloring
Carborundum aquatint monoprint
Reduction monoprintnwith finger coloring
Linocut from Biologique series
Collagraph monoprint color series 1
Collagraph with lace and plant root color series 2
Collagraph with lace and plant root original black and white
Collagraph with lace and plant rtoot color series 3 on mustard mulberry paper.
Monoprint with yak hair
Monoprint with yak hair
Monoprint with yak hair
Octopus. from Coral Reef Series - silk collagraph on Rives BFK Akua ink.
figures monoprint done with my dancing body templates
Sisyphus Watermans Ink, watercolor over monoprint ghost print with template figures applied with etching ink.
Pistils showing stigmas, styles and ovaries printed on Washi mulbery paper akua ink.
Flight. Monoprint ghost with additions by brayer with chine colle .
Mountains in the Sun - ghost plate overinked with color fields
Cellular1 from Biologique Series Drypoint
Cellular2 from Bioligique Series Drypoint
Cellular3 from Biologique Series Drypoint
Cellular4 from Biologique Series Drypoint
Ghost Horses - Ghost monoprint with additional template inclusions
Wolf Mountain1 - Woodcut 3 plates
Wolf Dance monoprint with colored pencil and watercolor with chine colle additions from linocut and drypoint and Thai handprinted paper
Horsing Around - monoprint with templates
Orientalia - monoprint with flora mask and hand cut rubber stamps